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The FSO process is the only capable of restoring the piping system from the inside, saving time and money.


About FSO


FSO is an Spain based company, the first one of its kind restoring drinking water, heat and gas pipes.


FSO is a pioneer company implementing and developing one of the most innovative and cost-saving technics addressing the corrosion problem in the water pipes.

Wherever you have a problem in your pipe system, the FSO process will turn into a new one inside the existing one, this is how we achieve our success.


It's not only a safe method but also cost-saving and it does not interrupts day-to-day life.


We have one simple aim: reinvent the piping restoring industry.


We offer a permanent and safe solution for the drinking water pipe system using only certified materials tested by the “engineering investigation institute in Aragón, Spain”. The s 28 orde-pox epoxi resin achieves “certification of health aptitude” at 70º and 90º according to rd866/2008 (spain) and 10/2011/UE. It the epoxi resign is also certified for it's durability, so we can offer a 10 year guarantee. Also these factors make FSO the leading company in the plumbing sector. Todos estos factores hace de FSO la empresa líder del sector de la fontanería en España.