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The FSO process is the only capable of restoring the piping system from the inside, saving time and money.


The FSO process

1. Drying the pipes


fontanerosThe system, previously isolated, is dried and dehydrated using a quick, quiet and almost emission free process.

2. Clean-up using an abrasive agent


fontaneros A meticulous cleaning process starts inside the old pipes. Using a compressor specifically designed for this process, a mix of air and abrasive agent, corindon, flows through the piping system. No chemical products are used. Now the pipes are ready for the last step.

3. Applying the epoxi barrier coating.


capa_de_expoxi_fso 3) The clean pipes are ready for the last part of the process. An epoxi resin is injected inside the existing piping system creating a new one inside. The epoxi barrier coating prevents leaks and corrosion related problems permanently.

1. Drying the pipes 2. Sanding 3. Epoxi Barrier