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The FSO process is the only capable of restoring the piping system from the inside, saving time and money.


The Problem

1. Discolored Water


fontaneros Most people think that discolored water dependes on its origin, when in fact, it's the oxide inside the piping system which makes water discolored

2. Lead and Copper Contamination


fontaneria Corrosion caused by lead and copper plumbing is dissolved in drinking water, turning drinking water dangerous.

3. Low ater flow


fontaneros 3) Due to high concentrations of nitrate and lime, deposits are formed inside the pipes, blocking water flow and reducing their flow.

4. Pinhole leaks


fontaneros 3) Pinhole leaks may cause can cause extensive damage to floors, ceilings or walls.

1. Discolored Water 2. Lead and Copper Contamination 3. Low water flow. 4. Pinhole Leaks