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The FSO process is the only capable of restoring the piping system from the inside, saving time and money.



1. Provides Protection


fontanería sin obras The FSO barrier coating prevents lead filtration into de drinking water pipes. As of 2013 UE's legistalation regarding leads level allowed in drinking water will meet OMS requirements, the former level cannot be more than 10mcg/l. (Currently the maxium level allowed is 25mcg/l.)

2. Seals leakage


fontaneros The FSO protective barrier seals pin leaks, saving water and protecting buildings from damage.

3. It is not intrusive


fontanería We use the existing pipes and restore them from the inside hence the method is not intrusive and in most cases there is no need of any kind of work

4. It's effective


fontaneros Since we clean the pipes from the inside we can remove every obstacucle in the water flow. Thanks to the barrier's coating nonsticking property it prevents piping system from future obstructions. .

5. It's profitable


fontanería sin obras Avoiding floor removal or wall demolition we reduce the project costs.

6.It's tested


fontanería The FSO system applies to the UE and Spain's regulations thus, we provide a 10 year guarantee. For safety, all jobs are completed with FSO pressure test which checks the integrity of the system.

1. Protective 2. Seals Leakage 3. Not intrusive 4. It's Profitable 5. Effective 6. Tested